You are about to step into the world of the new revolutionary concept the cryptocurrency, OneCoin. A revolutionary era has opened up in the financial arena with the advent of Bitcoin and its ever growing success as a new form of currency.

BitCoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency. OneCoin is certainly the next generation digital coin/ cryptocurrency that is going to change way you always transacted your money, the way you made your payments, the way you stored your money and the way generated income from your investment.

OneLife- Cryptocurrency of the Future and the Future Payments.Video Explains the unique Opportunity of Lifetime.

The whole story started in the year 2007, when the creator and founder of Bitcoin,” Sathoshi Nakmoto” (recently revealed his real name and identity as Craig Wright, an Australian national)  has developed and released BitCoin as an open source software. Craig Wright has provided proof in the form of cryptographic signatures that those on the Bitcoins mined by the elusive, Satoshi Nakamoto.

BitCoin is often called the first Crypto-currency. Bitcoin is more correctly described as the first successful decentralized digital currency and its blockchain technology and digital mining process as a great revolution in the financial market.

In 2007 the  value of a BitCoin was less than $ 0.01. To cite an example, a person purchased 5,000 BitCoins worth 27$ in  2009 and by 2013 it’s value increased to a phenomenal height 0f $ 886,000.


Gradually people from different countries in the world started accepting and trading using BitCoins. Now people use it store their wealth in a smarter way. They use BitCoins to transfer their money to other parts of the world without losing value while doing so. Now people accept BitCoin as a better medium of exchange than any legal tender in the world, increasing the acceptance of BitCoin as a legal tender . The rate of BitCoin have fluctuated according to supply and demand like metals Gold and Silver. In January 2014 Bitcoin rate has increased to $ 1,200 mark. The approximate value of Bitcoin has largely stabilized today, which is between $450 to $ 650, today’s rate being $631.02.



If you have missed the financial growth and earning potential race with BitCoin, nothing to worry, we have the next Crypto-currency revolution for you, i.e. ONECOIN

What is OneCoin?

OneCoin is the next generation cryptocurrency.  OneCoin is also the company with the 2nd highest market capitalization in the emerging digital coin market. According to the world famous digital coin exchange (www.xcoinx.com) OneCoin is ranked the second highest market capitalization among the emerging successful digital coins in the digital currency  market. That is, OneCoin is an emerging Crypto-currency, next to the BitCoin, created on advanced mathematical algorithm. OneCoin is not a pre-mined currency, but based on the real market demand, i.e. coins are mined on its own BlockChain system when a real order is there for OneCoin from the sale of One Tokens. The company is targeting a 120 billion OneCoins to be mined in future. OneLife is spread over more than 240+ countries of the World.

OneCoin is also the first centralized cryptocurrency on the market, providing quick benefits; borderless transactions, accessible to everyone. Another key element the network focuses on is education, helping people understand the benefits of cryptocurrency and how to work with it, offering advantages such as making payments directly, without the need of expensive intermediaries. Contrary to bank transactions, OneCoin offers a faster, cheaper and easier way to send and receive money worldwide.

Its commitment to growth has led to fast expansion due to its innovative business concept and business strategy. Since its launch in late 2014, it has become the fastest growing company in Network Marketing history achieving more than 6.5 billion Euro in sales and thousands of OneCoin Associates are earning full-time incomes.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency is started in Dec 2014 with start price of 1 OneCoin is € 0.5 and by Sept 2016 it has reached to € 6.95. Currently company has more than 2500,000 active investor in this currency and market capitalization is more than 6.5 Billion USD.Expected growth of currency by Dec 2018 is almost € 100. Its right time to invest your capital in this currency and enjoy min. 25 times growth in your capital just in upcoming 2 years.

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What is the objective of OneCoin? OneCoin is going to be traded on open market when they reach 80% of mining of OneCoin. This will become public currency and can be exchanged for day-to-day activities. Company will launch their on ONE PAY bank.


Anyone can join in OneCoin crypto currency business by spending money on One Academy education packages. Along with education you get free Tokens/promotional tokens against each package. There will be 1 to 3 split available in which Tokens get double with each split. You can submit these Tokens to mining OneCoin on Blockchain system. You will get certain amount of OneCoin after mining depends on the demand and supply.That is to say, the number of OneCoin you will get is equal to the number of tokens you hold after the split benefits divided by the difficulty rate of the prevailing date.   As Coin value goes up your Capital value of investments increases day by day. As mentioned I above, OneCoin started with € 0.5, at present it is €6.95; and is expected to grow up to €100 by Dec 2018.



Just imagine, if you invest now your investment would grow min. 10 to 20 times in next 2 years. Below table shows the package cost and probable growth of investment.





OneCoin offers world’s most attractive business & income opportunity comparison to any other industry. Today world’s no.1 network earners are from OneLife (CLICK HERE)

Below are the simple 3 income options for you

1. Direct referral bonus 10% on every One Academy package of your direct referral

direct bonus

startup bonus


2. Network (binary) bonus 10% and Generation matching bonus 10% to 25% up to level 4

team bonus

matching bonus

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