How to Develop Your One Life Business?

Here we provide you with ideas to a start-up your OneCoin Business. Be patient and do not give up. DEVELOP A STRATEGY
There is a clearly defined concept at the core of every business. Develop a plan for your business before you start – make sure you consider all details in advance

Preparation is crucial for success . Make a list of names with your contacts that you wish to invite to this investment opportunity. Think about how to approach each of them and let them know about the different ways they can benefit from this opportunity.

Negotiation is half-science and half-art. Be sure to double-check all information materials and present it to your future partners in a composed, structured and convincing manner.
For further useful tips, you can check the cheat sheet and the “highlights of the opportunity” on the next slide

You can use the content below to attract the attention of partners you talk to about OneCoin

1. A New Currency
Cryptocurrency ,or digital currency, is a booming market with huge potential for the future

2.The Next Big Thing
Working with this opportunity has several bonuses connected to it. You can earn up to €5 000 per day

3.Fast means Profitable
A new currency is created – and you have the chance to be one of the first to hold coins. Bitcoin started at 0.10 USD– the Bit coin is worth 376USD now.

4. BitCoin X 75
One of the first cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, increased in value by more than 75 times in less than 5 years

5. Attractive Bonuses
The faster you seize the opportunity, the more rewards you get. The earlier you join, the more bonuses you collect

6. Top Education
You get top education on trading and cryptocurrency through the One Academy. All you need to know about financial markets!   

You can use the content below to atract the atention of partners you talk to about OneCoin

1. Free One Tokens
All OneAcademy education packages. include free tokens that you can trade on the exchange.

2. Education Package
Purchase online education with our One Academy packages and you will master the skills of trading.

3. Successful Trading
By following our education packages, you increase your chances of doubling your portfolio in less than 10 weeks.

4.Gold Bonus
Each Aurum Gold Coin is equal to 1 mg of real Gold. The Gold is stored in a secure Gold Vault and the Aurum Gold Coins can be traded on the exchange.

5.Backed by GOLD
Along with the crypto tokens provided for free in your education packages , you also get Aurum Gold Coins – digital coins backed up by solid gold.

6.OneCoin Development
In Phase II of the OneCoin development ,you can exchange your OneToken for the cryptocurrency OneCoin.



1.One Academy
Our online trading academy gives you knowledge on how to profit from trading. Finalize a particular level and receive a Certificate for your achievement.

Several webinars per week in different languages and Business zones. The webinars gives you the latest news about the company, you can participate in small groups or one- to-one trainings.

3. Personal Back Office
Starting point for your business! Find all the necessary tools for monitoring your progress and keeping track of your bonuses.

4. Leadership Events
Leadership events are hosted in different parts of the world. You are invited to build your career path – we support you all the way to the top.


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