The Digital Coin Opportunity

OneCoin provides the once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionising the business world of finical products and the Internet. The OneCoin concept is a unique and innovative crypto currency that is born on the success of the pioneering and famous crypto currency, BitCoin.


This video explains OneCoin concept briefly

It all started back in 2009 when a new digital currency was introduced to the Internet world. Since then this currency, BitCoin has seen a phenomenal increase in its value. In 2009 BitCoin was priced at $0.10 and presently it is valued at $446, making it the super investment of the Century. That is to say, if you had chance of investing with BitCoin way back in 2009 your investment in BitCoin would fetch you 4000 times return to the day, making it the investment of the Century. Now that opportunity is gone, now you have a better and assured opportunity to profit from the launch of a better technology and a more assured investment opportunity in front of you- that is OneCoin.

As I said OneCoin however, is much more- it is a life style concept than a mere crypto currency, offering unique opportunity for growth and profitability to its members.

Do you want to be the next Crypto Currency Millionaire?

Now it’s time to let you as a potential member to take part in launching a new crypto currency, the OneCoin, to world financial market. This opportunity is only available through a strictly by invitation basis, providing a business platform that introduces you to extremely attractive profit making opportunities and a world class financial education that can make you financial expert and a millionaire businessman.

OneCoin has the potential to become one of the most attractive and profitable crypto currency in the crypto currency market. Due its superior technology, innovative approach and usability, it is going to be the best crypto currency in the world.

The success and roll out of OneCoin is planed in 3 steps.

1. Learn, play and profit with One Tokens. Make sure you have as many One Tokens as possible for the next phase. The more you have more profit you make.

2. Convert your One Token to the real deal, the next generation crypto currency. That is sending your One Tokens for mining. The company does your mining for making it simple for you. Remember, BitCoin started trading at $0.10 way back in 2009 and it is traded at a rate of $446 per BitCoin making it biggest ever financial invest for any individual investor. OneCoin started at a value of 0.5 Euro in Nov 2014 and it is already having value of 5.6382 Euro at present day market making a 12 fold increase in less than 18 months. Now the sky is the limit.

3. Use your OneCoins for storing your money and gain from the imminent increase in its value. Take the advantage of the exponential growth offered by the OneCoin concept to secure your financial future. oneCoin team is totally committed to its members’ success and constantly offers guideline to benefit from the crypto currency business. OneCoin also allows its members to trade tokens and OneCoins in One Exchange to benefit from the crypto currency market. With OneCoin Academy Education package you can also become a financial expert by its world class education. OneCoin opens up a whole new world financial success for you.

Through OneCoin educational program, the One Academy packages you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to profit from crypto currency market. One Academy provides education through interactive materials like videos, presentation, online quizzes to make you a financial expert. OneCoin is all designed to make profit from owning cryptocurrency. OneCoin has every strategy, technology and knowhow for you to make you the next crypto currency millionaire.

Even if you have no prior experience or skills in currency trading or Forex trading or crypto currency trading, or even you know nothing about blockchain technology,you’ll be guided through OneCoin’s 5Level step by step plan to success. One coin education not only provides knowledge but also a way to put your new skills to test. In One Exchange, you can trade tokens and OneCoins with other members, and make real benefit and experience the excitement of success.

All OneCoin Academy Packages contain FREE One Tokens. The One Tokens can be traded on the One Exchange, where tens of thousands of other members to profit from buying and selling tokens and OneCoins just like most of the exchanges trading other crypto currencies.

It is FREE to become a member In OneCoin. However, if you want to benefit and earn any bonus you should purchase any one of the educational packages offered by OneCoin Academy.



Become a member and benefit from the ever growing crypto currency market, when the prices are still affordable and low to earn maximum from the next crypto currency success.

What do you learn from One Academy?

All One Academy Educational Packages provide training in the form of interactive videos, manuals, quizzes and lot more. Some of the important topics covered by One Academy are as follows.

What is crypto currency/ digital coin?
How you can profit from the crypto currency market? How to trade tokens and digital coins to benefit from the crypto market?
How to predict the price of coins? The art of buying low and selling high.
Learn everything about investing in Gold.
Block-chain technology and its operations to enable digital coin transactions.
What is digital mining?

How do you make money in OneCoin?

There are nine different ways to profit from the OneCoin concept.


1. Direct Sales Bonus
2. Network Bonus
3. Quick Start Bonus
4. Matching Bonus
5. One Life Club
6. Split Benefit
7. Aurum Gold
8. Leadership Program
9. One Payment Card

Direct Sales and Network Bonuses

At OneCoin you get paid for popularising the OneCoin. Team players are highly appreciated and highly rewarded for their work. The reason is simple the more people join the OneCoin concept the higher the popularity and the value of OneCoin.

On all personally generated sales you will receive a 10% bonus based on the Business Volume (BV) associated to the various packages of One Academy Education Package.

The members that join with you as a sponsor can be place on your either team, that is on your left team or your left team according to your preference. You can also make the system do it for by selecting the alternative method. It is compulsory to place one person on each side team to receive your matching bonus.
You get 10% of the Business Volume that you and your team together accumulate on your weaker side.

Your income are calculated on a weekly basis and credited your One Account on the following week. The Network bonus capping/ weekly ceiling is decided on the package you own, i.e. you get seven times of your package in maximum. The maximum earning package is Tycoon Trader Package and thus the maximum Network Bonus you can earn from is 35000 Euro weekly from an ID, which one of highest in the Networking Industry. There is limit on the packages and token you can buy in OneCoin Academy.

60% of these payments will go to your Cash Account and 40% will fund your mandatory account and could used buy One Tokens or OneCoins.

The Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus is designed to help you to grow your team and make you successful.

Depending on the package and status you have- you can earn matching bonus for up to 4 generations and up to 25%.


matching bonus

60% of these payments will go to your cash account, 40% will fund your mandatory account which would be used to increase your OneCoin portfolio giving a chance to make better chance of profiting from the growth of the Next Generation Crypto Currency.
Start Up Bonus

The more popular The OneCoin is the higher the value of the OneCoin. To maintain the positive momentum and the excitement of the OneCoin members, during the first 30days after you join OneCoin, if you directly enrol or sponsor new members into OneCoin Academy you are eligible for an additional 10% Start Up Bonus, provided you do a personal sales volume of 5500 BV or above.

One Life Points

One stands for innovation, profitability and successor its members!
Every member automatically becomes a part of the One Life Club- and from the day of joining One starts collecting Bonus Points.

On becoming a member of OneCoin you start receiving reward points. The bigger the organisation becomes the more the Life Points you receive. This a reward given to the senior members and early action takers. The rewards you receive as a members also vary according to the package you buy. If you sponsor more people directly and depending on the package you have, you can accumulate 65X points.

You can exchange your Life Points for attractive items, such as unique holidays, luxury watches,and lots other amazing and exclusive rewards.

You can see your Life points is your OneCoin Back Office any time and watch them grow daily. So join OneCoin as early as possible start earning and profiting from the exiting business opportunity.

Split Benefit

As more and more people join OneCoin, the demand for tokens and OneCoin increase. It is only natural the price of the tokens goes higher. With every new member joining OneCoin, the demand for OneCoin increases and thus the price of the token on the exchange grows.

To maintain the balanced sustainable growth of OneCoin, a split benefit policy has implemented. A price explosion is not always conducive for sustainable growth. That is why The OneCoin has introduced a strict split policy providing opportunity for everyone who participate in the new crypto currency launch. Every one gets a split benefit ranging from 1to 3 splits according to the One Academy package one buys. In reality 1 split means your doubling your tokens and thereby doubling your investment. 2 splits means you get 4 times amount of your investment. 3 splits means 8 times growth of your tokens and thereby you are rewarded 8 times growth in crypto currency market.

Split benefit is provide to all new members according to the package they buy. Bigger the package you buy, bigger the split benefit you get.

That is why everyone gets a chance to double his money just like that; some packages can split up to 2 times ( making your investment grow 4 times within a period of 6 months) while infinity package gives you a 3 splits- making it irresistible and lucrative investment opportunity for anyone wants the next crypto currency millionaire. This is a wonderful package that gives you 8 time increase in nine months. So why to wait, start profiting from the lucrative packages from OneCoin from now on.

Gold Bonus

OneCoin has secured a unique opportunity by partnering with a hybrid crypto currency -Aurum Gold Coin.
Aurum Gold Coin is is hybrid crypto currency based in Dubai and pioneer in world virtual currency backed up by real gold reserve.

Every Aurum Coin is backed up with 1 mg of solid gold. This gold is physically stored in the gold vault in Dubai. All OneCoin members get Aurum Gold Coins according to their packages they bought in OneCoin academy.

You are able to check and track the growth of your OneCoin Business just login to your back office. You can buy and sell OneCoins,tokens, Aurum Gold Coins to benefit from OneCoin Concept, the next generation crypto currency.

Login to the Aurum Gold website and check even the number of the gold bar allocated to your coins.

Leadership Program

Reward the stars, the OneCoin Leadership Program.


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